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Click here to view a video of the Amphitheather progress as of February 15, 2017.


Amphitheater Facility Rendering


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Bath House and Band Shell Renderings

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Aerial View of Amphitheater Construction


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The downtown amphitheater is envisioned as an anchor to downtown Thomasville for the Creative District. It will serve the community as a fully functioning city park and have convenient access to the Community Trail.

The concept of a downtown amphitheater was first conceived as part of the Creative District planning session in 2014. It was included in the downtown strategic planning session that was conducted in the spring of 2016. To submit a name for the amphitheater, click here.


Project Highlights   

  • Amphitheater and trailhead will together serve as the main entry to the Community Trail.
  • Completed project will function as a complete park and anchor the Creative District in downtown Thomasville.
  • Will include outdoor amphitheater with stage and tiered seating.
  • Intended for festivals and public gatherings and will be available for public use.
  • Trailhead will include public restroom facilities for downtown area.


Project Facts

  • $1.9 million facility.
  • Anticipated completion date – April 2017.


Amphitheater Planning Kit, Specifications and Rates coming soon!