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We're here to help!


Our downtown is a great place to work, live, dine, plan a party, build a business or launch a great idea!
Let us assist you. Our staff is always available to help.  

April Norton

Main Street Director

Tiffany Davis

Main Street Coordinator


Bonnie Hayes

Tourism Director


Alison Wilson

Information Specialist


Sherri Nix

Marketing and Communications Manager

Sarah Turner

Events Director





Contact us at 229-227-7020 (Main Street) or 229-228-7977 (Visitors Center).
If you wish to receive our email blasts about Downtown happenings, This Week in Thomasville,  please click on the green paper airplane on the top right side of the screen.
If you are a media representative, our Marketing and Communications Manager, Sherri Nix, will be most happy to assist you with any information, story ideas, or custom itineraries you may need. 
Reach her by e-mail or by phone at 229-228-7977.